The Art of Relationships

What matters in life? Where should I focus my energy? The short answer: on your relationships. The stories that are our lives don’t change from culture to culture or even from generation to generation. Only the set on which these stories play out changes.The fundamentals of relationships are the same no matter the other party--spouse, sibling, parent-child, friend. Nothing is more important than developing and maintaining personal relationships. Building and maintaining relationships is a major focus of my first book, What Do I Do Now? A Handbook for Life.


Reinventing Yourself

Not quite satisfied with who you are? Then just become who you wish to be. Is this possible? Without question it is.
I prefer to think of this process
as learning to reinvent yourself,
becoming the person you wish to be
and with whom others will want to engage. Sounds too simple, I know. As it turns out, it’s not so hard if you know how to do it, something else you will learn in
What Do I Do Now? A Handbook for Life.

Understanding Life’s Purpose

Then there’s that thorny question that challenges us all: Why am I here? Am I just a helpless pawn caught in the whirlpool of reality? Is life just a series of random events? What’s the point? No other question or issue trumps this one in importance. Is there a point to life? If so, what is it? Can we know? To find out check out my second book, The Currency of Life: Uncovering the Clues To Why We’re Here.

A meaningful life. Personal success. Happiness.

Three things we all wish for. Three things that often seem difficult to achieve. Excel at relationships, become the person you seek to be, and understand why you are here, and these three goals become reachable. My blog addresses all of these—and more—and of course your input is welcome.

So browse around, and return often.Feel free to send me an email at Ask Dr. Klein.

Thanks for coming by!

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